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Imagen Digital: Proceso Proyectual Confluyente

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id 00a9
authors Bund, Elizabeth and Barros, Diana Rodriguez
year 1998
title Imagen Digital: Proceso Proyectual Confluyente
source II Seminario Iberoamericano de Grafico Digital [SIGRADI Conference Proceedings / ISBN 978-97190-0-X] Mar del Plata (Argentina) 9-11 september 1998, pp. 84-93
summary The introduction of new technologies in architectural projects causes, in first place, their adaptation as an operative and instrumental resource, without considering the deep changes that their use generates. The digital image, understood as a reference of this process, is spreading and conquering new fields on ideation, representation and communication. The absence of theoretical support, that would offered another point of view is evident, so consequently we believe that is necessary to consider approaches qualitatively new, from epistemologic, methodologic, perceptive and aesthetic fields, in order to transfer them into professional an teaching practice. Today, the annulment of universal validity rules, and the different and contradictory interpretations, oblige to center our view in the interrelationships and,connections, rather than in the definition of each entity. This work develops synthetically a study which confronts and compares traditional project process - composition and heuristic design supported by linear proceeding and analogic media, with confluent project process, based on digital data and hypermedia links, generated simultaneously. The variants of the topics analyzed are at the same time the project itself, the underlying thinking model, and the project communication strategies.
series SIGRADI
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