Paper 0872:
Reflexiones sobre el Diseño Arquitectónico en la Era Digital

Cumulative Index of Computer Aided Architectural Design
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id 0872
authors Payssé, Marcelo
year 2000
title Reflexiones sobre el Diseño Arquitectónico en la Era Digital
source SIGraDi’2000 - Construindo (n)o espacio digital (constructing the digital Space) [4th SIGRADI Conference Proceedings / ISBN 85-88027-02-X] Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 25-28 september 2000, pp. 69-71
summary The ubiquity of the digital computer is revolutionizing our understanding of architecture, a paradigm shift comparable to the Renaissance real perspective, the Industrial Revolution of the XIX century, and the technological and scientific discoveries of the early part of the XX century. The creation of virtual worlds, with their own laws and logics, is one of the most important contributions of the digital era. The paradigms of modern architecture are being replaced by other models. The advent of the digital age erased the boundary between “original” and “copy”. Working with design fundamentals and not merely with its graphical manifestations will produce a revolution in architectural design, similar to the genetic revolution of decoding the human genome. Centralized, “star-topology” design locations, are being replaced by distributed, “circle-topology” design teams. The direct influence of digital technologies on the analysis, creation, and realization of architecture also must produce similar revolutions in the teaching of architecture.
series SIGRADI
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