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Propuesta Que Integra Sig-Multimedia Para Ser Aplicado Al Patrimonio Cultural Unsj-Ar

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id 20ac
authors Leal, Miriam
year 1998
title Propuesta Que Integra Sig-Multimedia Para Ser Aplicado Al Patrimonio Cultural Unsj-Ar
source II Seminario Iberoamericano de Grafico Digital [SIGRADI Conference Proceedings / ISBN 978-97190-0-X] Mar del Plata (Argentina) 9-11 september 1998, pp. 238-243
summary The proper knowledge and appraisal of our cultural inheritance as well as its consistent diffusion are respected and powerful tools to safeguard it. The possibilities offered by a georeferenced of our cultural inheritance by means of GIS as well as its integration with multimedial resources such as images, animation,digitized video,voice an sound of aregional scope constitute a valuable tool having a significant potential in the study, protection and diffusion of our cultural inheritance. The objective of the present proposal is to show by way of a GIS application that presents georeferenced information of the province of San Juan, an integration of written documents, sound documents (popular music), folkloric elements (images) and digitized videos about the cultural inheritance of eminent places of the province of San Juan, that we are more committed ourselves to preserve due to their peculiar aridity characteristics and highly seismical risk. Some personalized icons displaying the afore mentioned resources are incorporated into the GIS application. The GIS-database presents an field destined to give data regarding the information source consulted about the inheritance.
series SIGRADI
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