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A Coletivização do Patrimônio Percebido

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id 66ac
authors Castello, Iára Regina
year 2000
title A Coletivização do Patrimônio Percebido
source SIGraDi’2000 - Construindo (n)o espacio digital (constructing the digital Space) [4th SIGRADI Conference Proceedings / ISBN 85-88027-02-X] Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 25-28 september 2000, pp. 179-181
summary This work highlights the application of GIS in the registration of resources identified as the environmental heritage of urban areas. To begin with, a brief description of the data collection method, based on local communities’ perception, is provided. It is maintained that the consideration of social values attributed by the population results in a more legitimate spatial knowledge, allowing for the identification of the more relevant elements, according to local inhabitants' statements. Finally, an emphasis is given to data processing techniques, asserting that the use of computer aided tools can ease the diffusion of knowledge about the society’s environmental heritage. This, in turn, may activate the recollection - and the preservation - of the cultural memory and, eventually, the formulation of strategies for recovering built heritage. It also opens the way to expand upon political conscience and social participation, enlarging the concept of citizenship.
series SIGRADI
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