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Digitalización de Propuestas Didácticas

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authors Porrúa, Marina and Rueda, Marta
year 2000
title Digitalización de Propuestas Didácticas
source SIGraDi’2000 - Construindo (n)o espacio digital (constructing the digital Space) [4th SIGRADI Conference Proceedings / ISBN 85-88027-02-X] Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 25-28 september 2000, pp. 367-369
summary The textile surface presupposes infinite limits and contained in each one of its minimum parts the total information of the complete system, the singular sign that repeats itself with infinite criterion in a limited field. The textil proposes, simultaneously, the limit and the excess. The logic of the constructions by repetitions is based in the coordinated interaction of the part and the whole. IT CONSTITUTES A SYSTEM, with variations from simplicity to complexity, in the estructural morphology and in the surface. The recuperation of a totality/ continuity concept in a teaching- learning strategy, implicates the manage in all senses of a multidirectionel space, today indispensable, in the convivences of the analogic and the digital. Immersed into a culture that repeats the fragments on a seduction of the representation to the representation itself, the generation of a place of flexibility and interaction is the instance to the knowledge construction.
series SIGRADI
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