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Internet: Características de la Información, de la Base de Datos al e-Commerce

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authors Mendez, Ricardo and Pimentel, Diego
year 2000
title Internet: Características de la Información, de la Base de Datos al e-Commerce
source SIGraDi’2000 - Construindo (n)o espacio digital (constructing the digital Space) [4th SIGRADI Conference Proceedings / ISBN 85-88027-02-X] Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 25-28 september 2000, pp. 38-40
summary In the earl’s nineties, when the www start to be popular, it had a configuration given by the academics. This sites worked as a data base where you could get specific information. In a very fast way the commercial sites get in to the www just to be there with a strong institutionally presence. In the middle nineties the possibility of incorporate sound and video to the Internet give the possibility to the appearance of entertainment sites as an option for television. During the last year we saw a new change in the digital landscape of the Internet, the commercial sites start to move trough a new concept: the e-commerce. The WWW is not just a way of communication, it is a distribution channel. In a society where the information is one of the most required commodity, the bit is not just information, is the digital tool for the new global economy. Because the laws of the market does not agree with the anarchic and chaotic spirit that give the first breath to the net of nets, this phenomenon make a great impact in the Internet. The subject of this work is the study of this phenomenon and to analyze the behavior of this “new kids on the Net” and the alternatives facing the advance of the market trough the right of free access to information.
series SIGRADI
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