Paper sigradi2004_326:
Visualização e representação do espaço urbano

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id sigradi2004_326
authors Gilberto Corso Pereira
year 2004
title Visualização e representação do espaço urbano
source SIGraDi 2004 - [Proceedings of the 8th Iberoamerican Congress of Digital Graphics] Porte Alegre - Brasil 10-12 november 2004
summary This project had as goal to investigate how an urban space can be represented, and how can we to present information that facilitated broad and interactive spatial analysis in an easy and friendly way. This target was reached trough the elaboration of a computer application that allowed urban information visualization about Salvador City. This tool let users to build thematic cartography, visualize interactive 3D models, images, etc. Project development already produced two different prototypes. First versions provide a great spatial analyze flexibility, but it interface founded in a workspace defined do not allow user to do all overlayer possible. In this case the tool was a kind of cartographic atlas. The actual version had as design presuppose, to give users more information, interactivity, power and flexibility, adopting new medias, new representation models, and presenting quantitative and qualitative information.
series SIGRADI
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