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Across Disciplines: Triggering Frame Awareness in Design Education

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id sigradi2013_41
authors Luhan, Gregory A.; Robert Gregory
year 2013
title Across Disciplines: Triggering Frame Awareness in Design Education
source SIGraDi 2013 [Proceedings of the 17th Conference of the Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics - ISBN: 978-956-7051-86-1] Chile - Valparaíso 20 - 22 November 2013, pp. 619 - 623
summary Tacit knowledge is paradoxical: something we know yet don't know we know, knowledge we sense but can't articulate. In Polanyi’s definition of tacit knowledge, “we know more than we can say" (1966/2009; Scott, 1985; Gelwick, 1977). It's important to see that tacit knowledge is part of a sequence; mental structures, in awareness when first learned, eventually become tacit, operating thenceforth as unquestioned assumptions. These tacit structures pose a problem for professional education in disciplines that encourage creativity. This paper examines the design and re-design of an interdisciplinary course intended to help make these tacit structures visible, to trigger frame awareness.
keywords Tacit knowledge; Design thinking; Sustainability; Systems thinking; Frame reflection
series SIGraDi
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